I know it isn’t Tuesday, but here is a holiday topic.

It’s that time of year when the radios are playing holiday songs and TVs are filled with holiday movies. From Hallmark, to Netflix, and Disney, favorite holiday movies and shows fill the screens each night.

When you’re not in front of a screen, you can hear carols on every radio wave there is. In your car, on your computer, on your phone. Anywhere you can get reception basically. Christmas carols are special, like a rewarding, seasonal treat when you’ve done something great. Some are inspirational, some are funny, some tell a story, some are just plain beautiful. Some will even invoke tears or memories of past Christmases.

So, tell me what your favorite Christmas carols are. For me, “O come all ye faithful” is my favorite inspirational carol. “Sleigh Ride” is my favorite winter tale carol. “Little Drummer Boy” always makes me tear up; it doesn’t matter who sings it and I’m not sure why.

How about you?

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