Since Thanksgiving, maybe even longer, we have all been living in a Christmas-holiday world. Stores and houses have been decorated and selling holiday items. Decorations, wrapping paper, gifts, candy, etc. Even radios have been flooded with holiday tunes. However, now that the holidays have come to an end, they have all abruptly disappeared!

No more Christmas carols; no more Santa wrapped chocolates or cookies; no more twinkling lights and garland decorating homes and store windows; Christmas trees have been undecorated and discarded. Months of decorating and planning have been thrown away or packed up and stored away.

It’s a little sad to see the festive nature of the holiday season end all of a sudden. How do you feel about it? Are you ready to move onto President’s Day and Valentine’s Day? Or are you still clinging to the christmas season?

For me, I may have to take the tree down, mostly because the needles are coming off, but I plan to leave a few things out. I suppose they will remind me of my son and I decorating, or the light-hearted mood of winter break, or even to just be kinder as we all are during Christmas.

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