Are you looking for some kids books that will transition them from Halloween to Thanksgiving? Fangsgiving is the answer for that! Ethan Long has created a unique blend of Halloween characters and a Thanksgiving feast.


Vladimir has invited everyone over for a Thanksgiving feast. Everyone is helping out with a traditional Thanksgiving side dish while Vladimir roasts a turkey. When his family arrives, they add their own ghoulish twist on the traditional dishes, like maggot meatballs and boogey butter. Vladimir eventually gets upset that his family ruined Thanksgiving, but soon realizes that they were only trying to help and that family works together no matter what. Together, Vladimir’s friends and family put together and save Thanksgiving after all with dishes like potato-peel pudding, flea-bean dip, and a corn dog turkey.


Ethan Long’s story provides a lesson for young readers. Even though the characters are from a Halloween-like story (a vampire, mummy, witch, monster, etc.), the time with those closest to you is the essence of Thanksgiving. The illustrations in this story really bring the words to life. It’s hard to imagine what turkey-bone biscuits and eyeball mash potatoes look like, but the creative illustrations make them comical and delightful. This is a perfect book for young readers to transition from Halloween to the Thanksgiving season. Halloween antics combine with the importance of family, patience, and acceptance make for a staple in any kids bookcase!

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