Snowmen at Halloween is one in a series of five adorable books that follow the antics of snowmen! Written by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner, this book is a must have for any child’s bookcase.


The story opens with a snowstorm in time for Halloween. Kids make snowmen and dress them up in costumes. After the trick or treating is done and the kids are asleep, the snowmen have their own Halloween fun. There is a parade, pumpkin carving, a spooky maze, scary stories, and games to be played. They even go trick or treating! However, as is true with most October snowstorms, the snow doesn’t last and the snowmen disappear.  (Don’t worry; somehow it is not sad.)


I LOVE these snowmen! Their story is delightful and cheery. The text is easy enough for young readers to follow along, maybe even read on their own. The illustrations really steal the show in this books, though. Soft colors, animated faces, creative costumes, and entertaining backgrounds will have you starring at the pages long after you’ve finished reading the words. Each page also has hidden pictures, but none that are too difficult to find. If snowmen have this much fun on Halloween, I cannot WAIT to see what they do in Snowmen at Night and Snowmen at Christmas!




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