Charming and detailed illustrations add to the adorable story about snowmen celebrating Christmas.  The text is written with a rhythmic pace and easy enough for early elementary readers. The illustrations steal the show though. Each snowman is shaded and dressed to show their individual personalities, and the landscapes put the reader right in the scene. To add to the already fantastic holiday read, each page has a few hidden pictures to challenge your young reader (the list is on the last page).



The story opens with a snowman being made on Christmas Eve. As the town falls asleep, the local snowmen head into town to join in the holiday festival. They decorate a tree, play games, enjoy snow cones, and dance. Suddenly, they head a jingle and Kris Kringle makes an appearance. However, all good things must come to an end and the snowmen head back to their homes, but with “a glow in their hearts.”



I enjoyed Snowmen at Christmas as much as I enjoyed the previous book, Snowmen at Halloween.  Caralyn and Mark Buehner make a marvilous team with their easy to read and entertaining story and enchanting illustrations. I highly recommend the Snowmen books for your young reader!

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