What satisfies you? There has to be something in your life, no matter what state it is in, that gives you that completely satisfied feeling. What is that for you?

For me, it is two things, which I happened to find on my camera roll in this picture. My dog and my son.

My dog, Kyra, has been a part of my life for many years. I had her before I met my husband, before we bought a house, before we were engaged, planned a wedding and finally got married. She has been there for me through my pregnancy, postpartum depression, and when I left my job. Kyra is an intelligent dog with plenty of personality and unashamed judgement. She has always been loyal and comforting to me, and it is because of this that I cherish her so much. Now, she is 16 years old and I am satisfied that I gave her a great life, better than most dogs and many people.

My son is my whole world, like most mothers feel. He is a laid back kid, very adorable, and probably smarter than my husband and me. I have been told many times that he is an “old soul”, and I suppose I have to agree. Often I feel proud and satisfied when I can see the best qualities of my husband and myself in my son, especially when we are in public and he acts with maturity and compassion without prompting.

My two great satisfactions in life love each other unconditionally. My son always sits by and brings toys over to Kyra, who cannot get around and play as she used to. He never holds back his pats or hugs for her. It is completely satisfying to have brought these two souls together, even if only for a brief time.



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