The Covid-19 virus is all I see on TV and internet lately. It has affected all of our lives in an unprecedented way. Schools and businesses are closed, restaurants are take-out only, liquor stores are essential businesses, and social distancing keeps us from visiting friends and family. Even our home-lives have had to change. Kids are home, parents may not be working, birthdays and gatherings have been put on hold. The point is that this epidemic has affected everyone.


With that being said, is any other parent out there finding it difficult to get any free time? I sure have! I have been trying to keep my son learning since school has been closed as well as continually clean the house (my husband is one of the lucky one deemed essential). I have been trying to take advantage of the time that I have home with my son and teach him things that he may not get to learn in school, such as cursive writing, but I have had very little time to do the things that I used to do pre-Covid-19, like reading or working out. I know that these things should just be a part of my day with my child, but it never ends up that way. We end up doing schoolwork in the morning and then some kind of activity in the afternoon. Sometimes it actually is working out, but most times it’s cleaning, cooking or baking, playing games or with Play-Doh, or something to prep the garden for the spring. We even planted daffodils at the graves of some family members dating back to the 1880’s. I can’t even purge his old, broken toys or clothes without him seeing me! Ug!

Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my child. I live to make him happy and to raise him to the best of my ability. He is intelligent, funny, thoughtful, and sensitive. But he is there every waking moment of every day. Mom needs some quiet time to read a book, post a blog without errors in it, watch adult television, and to throw out some old toys!


Who else is feeling like me? How are you coping? I don’t recommend drinking, but I’m going to get a beer!

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