There is a reason that this novel is a New York Times bestseller. Lisa Jewell has created an unnerving and chilling missing persons suspense that will have the reader hooked from the first chapter. This novel never gets boring, is filled with family drama, and has a spectacular twist at the end. Then She Was Gone will take the reader through many emotions-sadness and frustration, heartache and relief, horror and shock. If you are looking for a good suspense novel to read this summer, then pick this one up!


Laurel Mack keeps her family running like clockwork, but the family revolves around her younger daughter, Ellie. Ellie is beautiful, popular, a good student, and has a handsome boyfriend. She has it all, until she is gone. Ellie’s disappearance is a mystery to her family, the community, and the police. Even though it is ruled as a runaway, Laurel knows that something more sinister happened. As any mother would be, she is obsessed with finding her daughter and sacrifices her family for it. Laurel loses any relationship she had with her remaining children, as well as her husband. Feeling alone and empty, she is desperate to find her daughter.


Ten years after Ellie disappears, Laurel meets Floyd and his daughter, Poppy. There is something familiar about Poppy, something that reminds Laurel of Ellie. The memories come flooding back, and Laurel cannot help but immerse herself again in Ellie’s disappearance. But this time, she has Floyd. He good looking, intelligent, and kind. He even looks like her ex-husband. Laurel soon discovers that Floyd has a connection to Ellie and things just do not feel right anymore. She feels like the answer is right in front of her, but she just cannot figure it out.


No spoilers here, so you’ll just have to pick up or download Then She Was Gone to find out what happened to Ellie and if Laurel will ever find peace.

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