It has been a while since I have participated in word prompts, but I find that they really help with working out my writing muscles. So, I discovered a fellow blogger that has been posting daily word prompts and I am happy to participate. Here we go-

In the current social climate, there is one group of people who have become hated by some above all others, have become scapegoats for any social injustice that comes up, and have been attacked and vilified. From the very people who proclaim that they want peace and equality comes violence and hate-filled speeches declaring injustice. Without getting too deep into the issue and being on the outside of it, I have to ask-Where is the humanity and the clemency for this group? Isn’t that what we demand from them? Why are we trying to break them down, defund them, and replace them with a third world-like militia? I get that tempers are high and patience is short, but let’s show a little compassion for the select few who wear a badge and try to keep the peace.

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