I never thought that I would identify myself as a conservative, but as I have matured, I find that I have more in common with present-day conservatives. That does not mean that I am a homophobic, misogamist, racist hillbilly as many locals would like to identify me as. Female conservatives are scrutinized and receive plenty of criticism. I have been called a misogamist and a Karen as well as a privileged white girl by people in my own community. I can only imagine what a black female conservative goes through!

Candace Owens dares to take on the narrative that Black Americans should always support liberals and Democrats. She asserts that Democrats have taken advantage of Black America’s loyalty and profited from their plight by keeping them hooked on government support. Her analogy and research remind me of another serious problem in our country, drug addiction. Is Black American hooked on government assistance and victimhood? Owens thoroughly explains how Black Americans began to accept government handouts and started the long-lasting dependency on government assistance that we see today. Decline in the support of a family structure, education, faith, and values are just a few areas where Black America has been systematically dismantled. Attacks on male identity and fathers in the household are key elements that destroy future generations, probably enabling the disproportionate amount of black abortions. Owens also discusses the idea of police reform and the negative effect it has on poor black communities who need the police presence more than others.

So why does a large block of citizens and voters continue to support the party in power that does little to remedy real problems, like inner city crime and poverty or black literacy? Why does the black community continue to vote for the pandering Democrat politicians, who are unashamed of their distasteful groveling? Why support the party that supported slavery and still supports elitism?

Owens is well-spoken and clearly argues that supporting more conservative core values and politicians will be difficult at first for Black Americans but will make them much happier in the end. This book is easy to devour in a day or so and will leave you hoping that this young, bright woman runs for political office one day.

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