With about a month to go until the Presidential election, the mud-slinging and dirt on each candidate has reach an epic low. Statements and actions from 30 years ago are being brought up. Private email servers and testimony that was thought to be put to bed is being revisited.

Still, third-party candidates cannot seem to get over 10% support nationally. I wonder why? The major party candidates are so widely disliked that many voters are voting Democrat or Republican just because the cannot vote for Clinton or Trump. It would seem that if there was ever an election year that a third-party, like the Independents or Libertarians, had a chance to win the White House, this would be the year. So why is it that these parties have not put forth a candidate that sounds intelligent and well spoken?

So here is what I wonder. If the Presidential candidate of your choice, doesn’t matter the party or if you are voting for them, is coming to your house for a drink and conversation, what would be the first question that you would ask him/her? (Assuming, of course, that they just had a sip of the drink you made for them, which is laced with truth serum. You know, so you get an honest answer.)

Please comment so that a conversation can get started. No need to answer anyone’s questions. I’m just curious what you would ask.

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