fall-at-homeAs it does every year, Autumn has arrived in Upstate NY. It heralds the imminent winter ahead.

Autumn signifies a lot of things to different people. It means cooler evenings, crisp mornings, cold and wet grass. It means an abundance of leaves blanketing the ground, roof tops, cars, and porches. pumpkins-2015

It’s boot and legging weather; it’s time to break out the cable knit hats and fleece jackets. Time to unleash your best hot cocoa and hard cider recipes! And we all have a secret competition to see who is the most creative and talented pumpkin-carver in the area!

Still, for me, Autumn is a time to reflect on the events from the summer and spring just before. Conversations had between good friends and family on a warm summer night, when the sunset was late and fireflies dotted the lawns. Local and County parades and fairs, Farmer’s Markets, hikes and swims, boat rides and amusement parks are all things of the past for now. firefliesInstead of sitting on cushy deck or lawn chairs basking in the summer sun, I find myself on the inside looking out, admiring the color show that Mother Nature is putting on for us now.

Instead of swinging in a hammock or rocking on the front porch, I look forward to being tucked in beside a fireplace. Cider and red wine have replaced my chilled Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Smells of burning woodstove and kitchen spice have long since taken over the lilac and cut grass scents that used to waft in the open windows.

Even though it is sad to see the warm weather and long days and everything it brings slip away, I look forward to seeing it again in six to seven months!

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