There is a reason that this short book is an award-winning bestseller! The Kissing Hand is for anyone, young or old, facing a new challenge, from the first day of school to leaving for college, and needs love and encouragement.

The story opens with a young raccoon, Chester, fearful of his first evening at school. With tears in his eyes, he tells him mother that he would rather stay home with her. Mrs. Raccoon gently places a kiss in the little raccoon’s palm and tells him that now he can take her love wherever he goes. Whenever he needs to feel her love, he can place that palm on his cheek and feel her love through that kiss, which will never wear off. Now knowing that his mother’s love and support goes wherever he goes, Chester feels confident and ready to 20180803_1026233989847377531768747.jpgtake on the first day of school. Just before the Chester heads into school, he opens his mother’s hand and places a gentle kiss on her palm.  “Now you have a kissing hand, too”. (cue the tears) Mrs. Raccoon, just like any mother would, opens her palm and presses it to her cheek. “The warmth of Chester’s kiss filler her heart with special words. ‘Chester loves you,’ it sang. ‘Chester loves you.'” (cue more tears!)

The Kissing Hand is a must have for any family’s bookcase. Whether a child is going to school for the first time, or facing a separation from a loved one, or even leaving for college or camp, this is a sure-to-be classic that reminds our children that a parent’s love will go with them everywhere. Audrey Penn created this story to reassure children in hospitals, libraries, and schools who are separated from their loved ones and need to know that they are loved, always. The illustrations are colorful and remind me of a classic children’s fairytale. This short and easy to read story is perfect to read with a child, just try not to tear up while you’re reading it, or even if you are a parent in need of reassurance of sending your child out in to the world on their own.



  1. What a tear-jerker. I haven’t read this yet, but it’s been on my TBR list for awhile. Moving it higher up on the list of books to buy.

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