End of August is a time to start the harvest and reap the rewards of the end of summer. The sun is beginning to take a lower path in the sky and appears farther away than it did two months ago. Evenings are cooler but there is still plenty of heat during the day. Swimming pools are starting to lose heat to the cool evening temperatures and campers are huddling a little closer to the campfire at night.

Now that the hottest part of the summer has passed, those that do not enjoy the hot sticky summer weather can relax and enjoy the autumn-like weather that is about to set in. Layering clothes is a must; cardigans and flannels are needed in the mornings and evenings, but tank tops and shorts are essential to get through the warm afternoons.

My son at Red Dogs Youth Football

There are plenty of beautiful golf-playing days ahead, but football season is underway! Even though the air temps may be cooler in the mornings and evenings, dehydration and sunburn are still a risk. When you feel thirsty or hot, be sure not to consume too many cold drinks and foods. When your body is heated, like when playing a sport or sunbathing, drinking a cold drink cools the inside of your body faster than the outside. Your body’s natural reaction will be to send warm blood from the surface to the organs. Your skin cools down and your pores close, but internally you are warming up. This could lead to inflammation. My suggestion, which I give to the athletes that I coach, is to drink room temperature to cool water when you are trying to cool off. Cold drinks and foods should be reserved for when you are already cooled off.

Narrowsburg Farmers Market

Since it is a time of harvest, farmer’s markets are abundant and packed full of fresh foods. With income being tight the last year, local farmers could use the support from shoppers. I can usually find things like corn, blueberries, cherries, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, breads, relish, and dipping oils. With fresh fruits and veggies cramming the markets along with baked goods like breads and pastries, be sure to take care of your stomach and gut health. Keep your dietary restrictions in mind when perusing your local markets. Just because tomatoes are in season and look beautiful in a bowl on your counter, that doesn’t mean you need to indulge in more than you can handle. While corn smells and tastes delicious, it holds little nutritional value. Fresh baked bread (my weakness) smells fantastic and goes great with a seasoned dipping oil but can cause havoc in your stomach.

For me, this time of year marks the change in my skin care routine. As the humidity levels begin to come down and cooler drier air begins to move in, the lighter lotions are being stored away for next year and the richer lotions that target drier skin are making their way back onto my bathroom counter.

So, let’s send the summer out in style. Keep your health in mind by keeping things in moderation. Listen to what your body tells you it needs as the seasons change. Fire up the campfire or firepit, pull out your favorite hoodie or flannel and get outside while the summer sun is still shining on us.

Kauneonga Lake, NY

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